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Rings Around the World

Citadel Alumni and their rings end up all over the world, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. Below are some photos. Submit yours today.

William A. Ponder, Jr. , 2002

Senior Airman William A. Ponder, Jr., '02 was doing a fly-away mission in Iraq and picked up COL. Charles E. Seastrunk III, USA, '79.







Lt. Col. Howard M. Hunt, USA , 1987

Lt. Col. Hunt found this photo op in Cozumel, Mexico. He is the Arctic MP Battalion commander, Ft. Richardson, Alaska.







John Painter, 1989

Major Doug Geiger, USA, Citadel Class of 1993 (left) and Chaplain (Major)John Painter (USAFR), Citadel Class of 1989 crossed paths recently at the Ziggurat of Ur in Southern Iraq.







Kenneth T. Zapanta, 1998

Eight alumni stationed at Joint Base Balad, Iraq (taken 15 NOV 08). From left to right:
CPT Catrina Moore, C/O 2003 SGT Kasey White, C/O 2006 LTC David Cook, C/O 1982 CPT Stephen Barber, C/O 2002 CPT Michael Glenn, C/O 2003 1LT Kinard Egleton, C/O 2006 MAJ Ken Zapanta, C/O 1998 SGT David Isaac, C/O 1992







LTC Paul Bishop, 1988

MAJ Bob Addison 1983, MAJ Tom Foster 1991, CPT Jamie Towery 2000 and LTC Paul Bishop 1988 at College Fair Night in Vicenza, Italy.







Daniel Brown, 2003

Dan Brown '03 and Mehdi Yaghout Khah '78 met for dinner in Dubai, UAE. Dan is with a investment bank in Sydney, Australia, Mehdi is an Iranian citizen with AIG in Dubai. December 2008.







Takashi Kagawa, 1995

'95 Grads gathered at the Multi-National Force - Iraq Commanding General's Office: MAJ J. Kiley Weigle, LTC Miles Brown, Maj. Eric Malinowski and CPT Takashi Kagawa gathered at Miles' office where he serves as the Aide-de-Camp for GEN Odierno in November 2008. Kiley served in the MNF-I C6; Eric serves in the MNF-I C4 as the LNO; and Takashi served as the Brigade Judge Advocate for 525th Battlefield Surveillance Brigade.







Scott Shotto, 1983

Mark Hood '82 with Capt. Sully Sullenberg in New York. Mark was on the USAir flight that was forced to ditch in the Hudson River. Also in the picture is his son Hayward, daughter Maggie and wife Lisa.







Alexander Schade, 2007

Alexander Schade (2007) and Garrett Ryan (2007) with Arlyn Dela Pena and Ashley Ryan in Honolulu, HI.







1LT Sam Jefferson & 1LT Bryan Gerhart, 2006

The 'Men of N', 1LT Sam Jefferson '06 and 1LT Bryan Gerhart '07 linked up between patrols at COP Muthana in Baghdad.







Mark E. Ladley, 2008

Mark Ladley represents The Citadel amongst the Graduate students at the prestigious and ancient University of Glasgow in Scotland.







COL Ken Braddock, 1983

COL Ken Braddock, '83 - E Co, and CPT Don Smith, '88 - R Co, took the opportunity to show off Big Red and their rings at Camp Dubs, Kabul, Afghanistan. COL Braddock is serving as the Commander of Regional Police Advisory Command - Central and CPT Smith is assigned as a member of the Counter Insurgency Academy. In the background is the Queen's Castle.







Michael Wise, 1999

Outside the Forbidden City. UGA MBA Trip







Gilbert A. Pohl, 1976

My June 2009 visit to Disneyland in Hong Kong







Roberto H. Vazquez, 1982

Roberto "Zqueeze" Vazquez from I Company, visiting the Panama Canal while deployed flying Counterdrug missions. Not bad for a senior private.







MAJ John Hill, 1997

MAJ John Hill (India, '97), LTG(R) William Steele ('67), and MAJ Tony Lugo (Kilo, '94) attend a Battle Command Seminar in Hawaii for Yamasakura 57.







Charley Thomas, 1977

Charley Thomas '77', with members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans Honor Guard at a ceremony replacing the grave marker for his great, great grandfather, M. C. Thomas. M. C. Thomas served with Company B, 2nd Battalion, Gracies Brigade, under Longstreet. Their Battalion Colors were given to Jefferson Davis after the Battle of Chickamauga due to the ferocity of the fighting at Snodgrass Hill. The flag is 3' x 5' and has 88 bullet holes in it. It is on display at The Confederate Museum in New Orleans, opposite the National D-Day Museum.







Romero Reid, 1994

2009 USAF Lt Col Promotion Party in the Nation's Capital. Lt Col (s) Romero Reid, Mark Carella, Mark Zito and Lt Col (s)James Wilson all members of the c/o '94.







COL Ken Braddock, 1983

31 Oct 09 - Citadel Alumni broke out their rings and a couple of Big Reds at Camp Phoenix, Kabul, Afghanistan to celebrated the promotion of Zeb Williams to Colonel. Present were LTC Toby Roy, '87, COL Ken Braddock, '83, COL Zeb Williams, '86, CW3 Eric McKee, '83, CPT Brian Maloney, '01, CPT Larry Wedekind, '85







Michael P. Murphy, 1996

Michael Murphy '96, Col. James Bright VMI '87, LTC Tom Jeffrey VMI '68, Shane Donohue '99, Nathan Lausch '96 at the Marine Corps Birthday celebration in Monrovia, Liberia, West Africa.







Lt Peter Mallory, USN, 2003

While studying as an Olmsted Scholar in France, Lt Peter Mallory, 2003, visits the park and memorial in St. L, France that is dedicated to Maj. Thomas Howie (1929)...aka The Major of St. L. He is still remembered and loved among the locals.







Stephen Goldfinch, Will Randall and Rick Austin, 2005

Stephen Goldfinch, Will Randall and Rick Austin followed in the path of other Citadel grads and went on an African Safari with Shi-awela Safaris in South Africa.







MAJ Jim Harbridge, 1998

CPT Chuck Levine (c/o 1987)
MG Michael Ferriter (c/o 1979)Chief of Infantry and CG Maneuver Center of Excellence, Fort Benning, GA
MAJ Jim Harbridge (c/o 1998) all got together at the West Point Infantry Ball where MG Ferriter was the guest speaker. CPT Levine is an Instructor in the Math Department, and MAJ Harbridge is a Course Director and Instructor in the Defense and Strategic Studies Program.







Shell Suber, 1989

The first and only meeting of the very unofficial Costa Rica Citadel Club took place during a 4-day vacation in Central America in January 2010. Doug Bridges '68 and Shell Suber '89 were in attendance, more or less.







MAJ Peter H. Fechtel, USA, 1994

While in enroute to other parts of Iraq in February 2009 CPT Terri Beshirs (D C0 - 2005), MAJ Clint Alexander (R CO - 1996), MAJ Jason Hayes (B CO - 1994) and MAJ Peter Fechtel (O CO - 1994) ran into each other and took time for a photo. Stories from Charleston and of old classmates were shared.







Chet Lau, 2006

US Air Force 1LT Matt Bartomeo and US Army 1LT(P) Chet Lau show off their Bands of Gold after a commissioning ceremony.







Person Submitting Photo, 2006

Chris De La Torre, Greg Sulser, and Chet Lau of 06 show their rings at Fort Lewis, WA after they are commissioned.







Julio De La Guardia, 1995

On 11th November, 2009, His Excellency Mr. Julio De La Guardia Arrocha, Ambassador of Panama, presented the Letters of Credence to Her Excellency Mrs Pratibha Devisingh Patil, President of the Republic of India, accrediting H.E. Mr. Julio De La Guardia Arrocha, as the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Panama to the Republic of India. He was wearing his Citadel ring.







Zack Brown, 2007

On the summit of a 18,000ft mountain in Tibet.







Wayne A. McCaskill, 1990

Lt Col USAF Wayne McCaskill, 4th from right, At Bamiyan Afghanistan, site of the world famouse Buddhas destroyed by the Taliban in 2001.







Randy Brooks, 1977

In Dubrovnik Croatia with my wife on my 30th Anniversary Cruise in front of The Citadela!







Erik Page, 1990

The fat, sweaty knob in this picture is Erik Page (hey, it was 110 degrees), US Vice Consul at US Consulate Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. I went to Hue City to do a fraud investigation and while I was there I went inside the Hue Citadel and had this picture taken. Tried to photoshop that commie flag out, but it didn't look right.







MAJ Scott C. Woodard, 1992

MAJ Scott C. Woodard, fellow transition team members, and translator/interpreters embededded with the Afghan National Army - Kabul, Afghanistan 2007.







Anthony McCall, 1996

(L to R) Michael Murphy(96), Tony McCall(96) and Nate Lausch(96) enjoy the hospitality of local law enforcement in Athlone, County Westmeath, Ireland during a Shannon river cruise in 2009.







CPT Jeff Gabor, 2005

CPT Jeff Gabor '05 and CPT Jason Williams '03 en route to Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan, from Manas Air Base, Kyrgyzstan, in December 2009.







Randy Brooks, 1977

Randy Brooks '77 on his 30th Wedding Anniversary in Dubrovnik Croatia in front of "The Citadela". June 2010







1LT Jeremy Flake, 2008

1LT Jeremy Flake '08 with SGT Chris Delisle '04, FOB Kushamond, Afghanistan







Mike Rogers, 1970

Randy Brooks 77 and Mike Rogers 70 on the Isle of Skye, Scotland. August 2010







LTC Paul Bishop, 1988

LTC Paul Bishop, Inspector General, U.S. Army Africa, on a security cooperation engagement in Abuja, Nigeria.







Ben Brown, 1995

"The Boys" of Tango at the summit of Mount Saint Helens, active volcano in WA.
Left to right: Pat Ryan, Esq. '95; Ben Brown '95; Major Sean Jeddrie, USAF '95; Trey Fitzwater '94







David Godefroy, 1968

Tom Maffett, Vic Looney, Albert Heyward, Walt Larisey, Chris Hoffman, Tom Harper, David Godefroy & Frank Seignious at Saint Lo, France to honor Major Thomas Howie and our fathers.







George Rodgers, 1966

I visited Maj. Howie's grave site in Normandy in September. Placed a replica of "Big Red" on his grave. My class is on my left hand.







Neil Couch, 82

Neil Couch, Citadel '82, and Lt Col Rich Goodman, VMI '93, in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee room immediately after the Senate voted to approve the New START Treaty, December 22, 2010.







John F Soto Jr, 2001

(Left to Right) Major Scott Stephan, Operations Officer, (Hotel '00) and Captain John Soto (Kilo '01), Logistics Officer, 1stBn, 8th Marines; underneath the Marine Corps and Afghanistan Colors; Musa Qal'eh, Afghanistan. Dec 25, 2010.







Kendra Laird McCurdy, 2005

Spc. Kendra Laird McCurdy, Palmetto Battery c/o 2005, riding in a UH-60 Blackhawk over Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Wash., where she serves as a photojournalist for the 593rd Sustainment Brigade.







Gilbert A. Pohl, 1976

Gil Pohl showing off his ring while staying at the Jewel Resort in Jamaica, April 2011







John McCabe, 1990

Special Agent Rob Turnley 86,' S.C. Law Enforcement Division on assignment with the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force and Supervisory Special Agent John McCabe 90,' Homeland Security Investigations at the North East fence line gate, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.







Warren Johnson, 97

Warren Johnson at Ali Al Salem Air Base in Kuwait on the way back from FOB Salerno (AKA Rocket City), Khost Afghanistan.







Warren Johnson, 97

Olaf "Homer" Talbert, '97 somewhere in the Red Sea.







CPT Kyle Bogardus, 2001

CPT Kyle Bogardus (2001) and LT Chris Barker (2002) at COP Talukan in the Horn of Panjwai Afghanistan in April 2011. Both are members of teh 368th EN BN.







Scott West and Fr George (Ruston) Hill, 1993

Scott West,'93, and Fr. George (Ruston) Hill, Chaplain, Capt. USA, '90, celebrated the Orthodox Christian services of Pascha at United States Army Garrison Stuttgart, Germany, April, 2011.







Janet Cady Leishman - Graduate Studies, 1988

On vacation in the Caribbean, winter 2011. My ring is always on my left hand, middle finger!







CPT J.T. Marbury, '03, 2004

CPT J.T. Marbury (2003) and CPT Travis Taylor (2004) in Kandahar Airfield Afghanistan. CPT Marbury is serving with the 101st Airborne Division and CPT Taylor is serving with the 3rd Special Forces Group. Date of photo, FEB 2011.







Caleb Hund, Coleman RIddle , 2011

Caleb Hund and Coleman Riddle, Bravo class of 2011, visiting the Big Buddha on Lantau Island.They are teaching English in Hong Kong, China.
To the beach!







Jason Reynolds, 2002

Jason Reynolds (2002) and his wife Anne representing The Citadel in Washington DC after he completed the Marine Corps Marathon on October 30, 2011.







Will Randall, Stephen Goldfinch, Rick Austin, 2005

Will, Stephen and Rick went on an elk hunt in De Beque, Colorado. Stephen took time out of his campaign for the SC House District 108 seat to join his classmates on a successful hunt.







Christian Smerz, 1992

Visiting the Taj Mahal while in Delhi, India conducting training sessions. November 2010.







Person Submitting Photo, 1949

here is what your ring looks like after you wear it continuously for 60+ years..i am the eye doctor for clyde thompson citadel 1949.... i though the worn smooth condition of this ring was such a profound statement of long standing loyalty and respect for the citadel that i asked mr thompson if i could send you all a photo of it....







John Hill (India, 1997), 1997

MAJ John Hill (India,'97) and CPT Chad Bryant (Delta,'05) proudly hold an improvised Big Red at Camp Clark, Khowst Province, Afghanistan.







Trevor Gardner, 2008

Trevor Gardner, Class of '08, performing in Seoul, South Korea with his band Chanter's Alley, December 31, 2011.







John Hill, 1997

MAJ Hill (India '97), MAJ Barnes (India '97), and MAJ Dixon (Tango '97) outload equipment from JRTC enroute to Afghanistan and back to Alaska. All 3 are Battalion XOs in 4th Bde (Airborne), 25th ID stationed in Alaska.







Fritz, 2009

1LT David Fritz
FOB Lagman
April 2012







Roger Long, 1989

COL. Bill DeMarco, USAF, '88 and Roger Long '89, met to remember and pay their respects to the 3 Citadel Men resting in peace and the Citadel Man listed on the Tablets of the Missing at Cambridge American Cemetery and Memorial which is located just outside of Cambridge, England.







Lt Brian McNally, 2010

Rings are under the gloves as Lt Johnston (class of 09) and Lt McNally(class of 2010), 1st and 2nd Platoon Commander for Dragoon Company, 3rd Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion, prepare to take over platoon positions in the Taghaz AO in Afghanistan.







Randy Brooks, 1977

Near Pongola, South Africa







Perry Eubank, 2005

Highest Band of Gold in Japan. Perry Eubank atop Mt. Fuji with co-workers. 18AUG2012







Proud Parent , 2009

Trey Tidwell,'09 and Stephan Townes, '11 serving together in Afghanistan.







Angela Errera, 2003

Amanda Orson '03, Angie Errera '03, and Kristina Romero '06 tailgating at the Army vs. Navy Game in Philadelphia, PA







Geoffrey Bartlett, 2005

Kevin Feagin '94 and Geoffrey Bartlett O CO '05 linked up in Baghdad, Iraq in January 2008.







Jim, Mark, and Alan Cassidy , 1971

Brothers (from left to right) Jim Cassidy '71, Mark Cassidy '70, and Alan Cassidy '75 celebrating Jim's son, Rob Cassidy's wedding in South Carolina







William W. Ponder Jr., 2002

William W. Ponder Jr '02 and Lindsay Whittecar '04 Echo Company competed in the Tough Mudder outside of Las Vegas, NV.







Brian Connelly, 2008

The Summit of Mt. Katahdin in Baxter State Park, Maine, after completion of the 2,178 mile Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine in 5 months, 5 days. Picture taken August 9, 2009.







Jerry Edelson, 2009

The newest members of the Army Medical Department. Photographed after completion of AMEDD BOLC at Fort Sam Houston, TX
2LT Jerry Edelson, Palmetto Battery 2009- will be returning to medical school at MUSC
CPT Drew Farmer DMD- Alpha 1998- graduated from MUSC College of Dental Medicine, will be reporting to Fort Jackson, SC for a one year Advanced General Dentistry residency program
2LT Christopher Thurmond- Alpha 2009- will be returning to medical school at MUSC
2LT Mike Koon- Hotel 2002- will be returning to dental school at the Medical College of Georgia







LTJG Benjamin Carroll, USN, 2009

LTJG Benjamin Carroll, USN, Kilo '09, at the "Four Corners" Monument sitting in Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico.







MAJ Christian Sessoms, LTC Eric Lochner, CH(MAJ) Ruston Hill, CPT(P) Travis Taylor, 2013

Fellow Citadel Alumni gather for a muster in Afghanistan on 21 March 2013, near a Joint Operations Center named in honor of a fallen Alumnus, CPT Daniel Eggers (98). Pictured from left to right, MAJ Christian Sessoms (99), LTC Eric Lochner (95), CH(MAJ) Ruston Hill (90), and CPT(P) Travis Taylor (04)







Gerald W. Ratchford, 2011

1LT Gerald Ratchford, '11 and to 1LT Keith Johnson, '11 in Afghanistan.







Kirby Baker, 1995

Members of the Class of 95 display Big Red in front of the 9/11 Memorial at Bagram Airfield Afghanistan 11 MAY 2013. Pictured from left to right: 1LT Lyle Rivers, LTC Rick Billmyer, LCDR Kirby Baker, and MAJ Kevin Berry.







Scott Polk, 1990

Stonehenge 25-May-2013







Paul Tamburrino, 1989

Big Red on top of the Burj Al Khalifa, the world's tallest building, in Dubai, UAE







Michael Kratz, 2011

Bow of the Training Ship EMPIRE STATE. Taken While Bunkering in Gibraltar. Left to right. Brad Forward '99, Jonathan Hiers '06, Josh Burton '05, Michael Kratz '11







Person Submitting Photo, 20032

CH-47 "Chinook" Pilot in Command CPT Daniel Screws F-Troop '03 and Pilot 2LT Daniel J. Cruz Tango Co '11







Brett Chapman, 2006

SSgt Brett Chapman (Band, '06) live on Radio GTMO "Rockin' in Fidel's Backyard." Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. 2 August 2013.